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Why Choose Us?


More than 30 Years of Experience

We have been serving Belize since 1994, more than 30 years of experience and knowledge at your service. 

We are an influential Architecture Firm in the country of Belize. We seek innovation in architecture that pushes the boundaries of construction techniques, materials and sustainable environmental practices to provide our clients with buildings that exceed their expectations.


We design buildings that are an inspiration to the users, and provide a strong identity. Our buildings stand the test of time. 


Belizean Local Expertise

As an architectural firm in Belize, we bring a deep knowledge of the locally available materials, local construction techniques, and available systems.

Through our years of experience, we have acquired important knowledge of the local laws, construction codes, and information that the Central Building authority and all Local Building Authorities require .


We also incorporate our understanding of the Belizean culture from the different communities in Belize in all our designs. 


Creative Architectural Design

We strive to make sure that we satisfy our client's needs by utilizing our creativity to balance the cost-effectiveness, function and aesthetic requirements of all our projects. We believe that the best architecture comes from a synthesis of all the elements that comprise a building. 

The structure that holds it up: the services that allow it to function. It's ecology: the quality of natural light, The symbolism of the form and the relationship of the building to its surroundings are all important to having a successful project.

Our Services

Architectural Design

The objective of architectural planning is the design and planning for a building and can contain architectural drawings, specifications of the design, calculations, time planning of the building process, and other documentation.

Our Featured Projects


Creating the ideal home is our passion. From start to finish, we work with our clients to create a beautiful and comfortable space that they can call their own. Using modern and time-tested construction and design techniques, we create homes that are not only striking and functional, but safe and long-lasting as well.


Our attention to detail and strong communication allows us to design and style interiors that fit the lifestyles and preferences of our clients. From old to new, we are versed in many interior design philosophies, and have the experience to adopt them to your unique taste.


With years of experience designing hotels, condominiums and other hospitality projects, our designs inspire the guests that stay there. The unique styles, and mindful usage of surroundings allow us to create truly enchanting experiences, inside and out.

Whether it be a modern pool area, or a comfortable and well designed room, we are dedicated to ensuring both the comfort and satisfaction of guests, and the ease with which facilities enable staff to cater to guests' needs.

Our material selection, and construction techniques allow us to create long-lasting facilities that will serve for years to come. 


We provide professional spaces that are practical, and productive. Designs that bring form and function together are what we strive for; designs that inspire customers and workers alike. We utilize every square foot to maximize efficiency and return on investment, and provide highly stable and strong designs that will last long into the future of your business.. 


A beautiful pool is not only a great place to take a swim and enjoy the outdoors, but a place to socialized and relax. Using this philosophy, our pools are not only functional, but a place that encourages gatherings and relaxation alike. Ranging from normal in-ground pools to ornate infinity style pools, we have created many pools to suit the needs and preferences of our clients. 

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Mike Fairbairn. President


“Our experience dealing with Strukture Architects could not have been better. They were able to compensate for the long-distance (Canada & Belize) with swift written communications via email or text. We found we needed to give them little guidance and the first draft was pretty much spot on with what we wanted. It was a large project, so the potential for miscommunications was high. They were a delight to deal with from the first meeting to final drawings.”

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